About Us

Who we are and What We Do

We are a group Finance Professionals who are trying to provide you all the knowledge and information related to investment so that you can earn a better yield on your investment.

Our Mission

Our very first Priority is to make Indian Debt Market as liquid as Indian Equity Market. So that people can reap the benefits of debt investment and portfolio diversification.
If you observe the current fixed deposit rates from Banks then you will notice that Bank fixed deposit rates are diminishing day by day and we are getting lesser interest rates compared to previous days so here we will educate you and provide you relevant information related to debt market and other investment classes through our continuous efforts so that you can get a better yield on your investment.
We are also following the RBI’s goal of making India Debt ready

Our Accomplishments till Now

After gaining the knowledge on debt market through our YouTube channel (Sunny Seth) People have started to invest in Corporate Bonds. We are the very first channel on YouTube (Sunny Seth) to provide the info related to Sovereign Gold Bond investment through Secondary Market. We are also the very first and only channel on YouTube (Sunny Seth) proving information related to Government Bonds