• What is the Difference between Bond and NCD?

    Generally in India bond and NCD(Non Convertible Debentures) both are treated as same if it is issued by corporate but whenever government raises money by issuing debt instrument then it is called as bond or tbill.

  • What are Bonds and NCDs?

    In Financial term Bonds or NCDs are debt instrument by which a issuer shows his indebtedness to the bond/ncd holder by issuing bonds or ncds.

  • Is Bonds and NCDs are like Fixed Deposit?

    Absolutely not! because in fixed deposit you can get back your money at any time whenever you require just by paying a penalty and in some cases for free but in case of bonds/ncds you can't get back your money from issuer before expiration of tenure whether it be from government or corporate.

  • Stocks vs Bonds which is better?

    Here the answer depends upon your investment philosophy. if you like to earn a regular safer fixed income from your investment then go for bonds and if you like to take risk and want to create your wealth then go for stocks.