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If you don't know about NCDs then you can refer this link for your better understanding "What is NCD?". for your quick reference we are summarizing details.

What is NCD

NCD full form is Non Convertible Debentures which is also known as bond. A non convertible debenture means those debentures which can not be converted in equity at any time. NCDs are used by corporates to raise money from public or financial institutions as loan money. 

Benefits of Investing in NCDs

If a investor wants to earn better return on his money then he can take look on NCDs, NCDs are some time better yield product for many investors for example if you are earning 7% interest in Fixed Deposit money then it may happen that you can earn 8-12% return through NCDs, Apart from high return you can even use NCDs for portfolio diversification.

Risk of NCD Investment

Just like other investment classes such as shares, bank fd and other investment options NCDs also have risk. Suppose if you have given money to company A and later the company defaults in interest payment and redemption payment then it is prety sure that your invesment money can be distroyed.

Is it wise to invest in NCD

If you want to earn better return with less risk then NCDs are good option if you take proper precautions before investing money. Suppose if you have Rs. 10 lakhs then don't put all money in single company because if a single company defaults then your whole money can be distroyed in minutes so it is always better to diversify the money in more than 5-10 company NCDs.

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