Trademark Registration

If you want to Register you brand name for exclusive use then read this

A trademark is a distinctive sign, symbol, or expression that identifies a product or service and sets it apart from others. It serves as a recognizable badge of origin, allowing consumers to associate the product or service with a specific source. Trademarks can take various forms, including words, names, logos etc. They play a crucial role in protecting brand identity and preventing fraudulent use of marks.

Remember, a trademark not only distinguishes a product or service but it also reflects the essence of the brand behind it. Whether it’s the Legendry Tata name in heavy industry or Kurkure in food industry all have a registered trademark on their products or services or names.

So if you are doing a business with a unique name you should always register that name with the government for exclusive use in that industry. 

Here we at moneyseth provides a trademark registration services to our clients for safeguarding there name or brand from any type of duplicacy threats in a legal way.

Benefits of Registering Trademark 

- Exclusive Usage Rights

- Builds Goodwill

- Helps to safeguard the business from duplicacy

- Differentiates Products and Services

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